SQL ToolBelt

SQL Toolbelt – Practice and test your SQL skills

SQL ToolBelt will help and guide you to understand the basics of SQL and become familiar with everything related to T-SQL. The content of this aplication is divided into different sections that will help you practice, test your skills, find answers to you never ending questions and consolidate your knowledge.

SQL Practice – Practice your SQL skills:

- SQL practice with example – you can edit or create SQL statement and directly test/see the result
- easy to use, practical
- very good for testing different SQL commands
- immediate results for your SQL queries
- simple tu use SQL editor

SQL Quiz – Test your current knowledge

- quiz to test and improve a user’s database knowledge
- questions that covers basic to advanced sections
- time tracking
- immediate results on your tests

SQL Guide – Find answers to your questions

- provides easy-to-understand T-SQL instructions
- allows you to practice what you learn by providing sample queries that are available all the time
- learn to build and manage SQL Server databases
- gain the skills needed to build a solid foundation for SQL Server development
- basic to advances

Train and test your self to gain the skills needed to unite the power of the SQL with nowadays demand.


SQL ToolBelt