Secret Diary

Secret diary with password

Secret Diary with password is a simple password protected diary application that allows you to save all your thoughts with a password that is chosen by you when you first open the diary.

Using this diary you can very easy put down all your thoughts or even future plans and follow them as the time passes. This app can be your secret life journal that will help you remember the pleasant times and will make you smile.

Recent Updates:

1. Server save/backup and syncronize

Allows you to save and synchronize all your data on secured server under your own password. This way you can have the same diary entries on all your devices and add data from wherever you want.

2. Change the look and feel

Allows you to change between font styles and backgrounds to best fit you mood

Since always people wanted to express their feelings not only to each other but to themselves. So the journal was invented, but we all know how unprotected it was. Nowadays we like to call it DIARY. We all remember with joy how we were hiding in secret the diary in places where we thought nobody will ever find :) . But what better place to hide then under your own secret password. This locked diary with password is able to stock all your thoughts using a secured key known only by you. Your thoughts are now safe and secure and you are the only one who can read them. Trust this protected diary and write down all your believes and thoughts starting today.
Enjoy writing and don’t worry about anything(you are the only one who knows the password).

Every secret that you write is protected by the password that you initially choose. You can at any time change the password as long as you are the owner.
Consider this application as your real secret diary protected by the password that only you know.

Enjoy your own secret diary with password.

Thank you and enjoy!


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