Menstrual Tracker
Period Calendar, Cycle Tracker

Period Calendar – Menstrual tracker

Extremely elegant application that helps and assists women to keep track of period, cycle, ovulation and the chance of pregnancy(fertile days). Great app for women who are concerned about conceiving, birth control, contraceptive or even just to check how regular or irregular period cycles are.

Very easy to use but yet with lots of functionalities. Track irregular periods, weight, temperature, moods, blood flow, symptoms, etc. Great in predicting fertility, ovulation and period. The application can adapt to your own historical menstrual cycles and accurately predicts key days that you are interested about.
You can visualize all the information you need right on the first screen calendar.
No concerns about security or private data because the calendar can be locked with your own password, blocking sensitive information from prying eyes.

Great at keeping you informed about future periods, fertile and ovulating days using discrete reminders.

Key features:

  • intuitive calendar in which you can visualize non-fertile, fertile, ovulation, expected period and period days
  • Period tracker, calculator and calendar
  • intuitive user interface with vital summarized information at a glance
  • daily things to keep in mind
  • daily entry which allows to save the following information: flow, intercourse, symptoms, moods, temperature, weight, medicine, other diary notes
  • easy navigation between days
  • notification reminders about incoming period, fertility windows or ovulation.
  • main screen info widget
  • PIN code for sensitive data protection
  • allow to keep track of different signs of ovulation
  • choose from different measure units
  • possibility to reset all saved data
  • adjustable, default and average period prediction intervals available in the settings section
  • adjustable luteal phase length
  • allows cervical observations

Elegant and sophisticated, just like you! Enjoy it!

Period CalendarPeriod Tracker


Period Calendar