Math Workout

Math Workout & Exercise

Feed your brain everyday by doing simple medium or hard math exercises on your device. Compete with others and see which one is the smartest and quickest and has more exercise in solving simple to hard math calculations.
Are you bored to do your same old math homework and not have fun at all? Try the new and improved Math workout & exercise app and have fun doing math exercises.

If you are embarrassed to use calculator for every easy calculation at work, simplify your work and surprise the others with the math genius you become after using day after day Math Workout & Exercise.

If math, especially arithmetic wasn’t your favorite domain ever, is it time to change something and find a new hobby, maybe, but definitely find the genius inside of you.
Install the Math workout & exercise on your device and have fun every day doing mental calculation, math exercises, finding math tricks, all this against time.
You will see that after a while doing this mental arithmetic and math exercise you will feel brighter, smartest and addicted to this app.

What is it good for? What can I do with this app? :

- math workout from 2 to 30 questions per round
- math exercise with difficulty from Easy to Hard
- additions
- subtractions
- multiplications
- divisions
- simple to use


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