Learning Math

Learning Math – Math Workout

Enjoy and learn simple mathematics by doing simple to hard calculations and arithmetic every day with Learning Math. Once you have installed it on your device you will get a chance to practice and workout your subtraction, multiplication, division and addition skills.

Learning Math was designed not only for children who want to learn simple math and solve arithmetic tasks but also for parents who want their children to be brighter, smarter and proud of themselves. Let’s say you are a parent and you want your children to learn and workout with simple math calculations. This app will help your kid learn math calculation and exercise directly from your device. You just need to create homework for him in a few easy steps and let him work on the assignment. In the end you can even give rewards when they successfully completed their homework. Using this application a child can easily “learn by play”.
“Create homework” option allows you to create/design a homework that is suitable for every child thanks to the multiple setup options, like: difficulty, number of sessions, number of question, math exercise type, etc.

You can consider this as a test/homework but children will consider it as a game and they will be so competitive that at the end they won’t even realize they were doing their homework. No cheating is allowed because you can check at any time the progress and correctness of the assigned math workout task.
Install Learning Math app on your device or on your children’s device and have fun learning every day and doing math workout and exercise, quick calculations, arithmetic, and organizing math competitions at home with your family.
Learning simple math was never easier.


Learning Math